Fall and Winter Trends

Cooling Down in Style

Perhaps I might be a little late in regards to presenting the fall/winter trends, but with the temperatures in La La land finally dropping, it seems appropriate that I write this post as we might get to experience a fall and a winter after all.

With the settle raindrops outside my window and a cup of hot tea, I begin my journey into winter wonderland of cozy sweaters, cashmere gloves and elegant lace ensembles. Although there are many trends hitting the streets, I chose my favorite five that I believe are not only stylish but wearable for women of all shapes and sizes.

Fall Sweater Girl

Fall Sweater Girl

Surviving The Heat In Style

Beat the Heat

Los Angeles has been enveloped in 90 and higher degree weather in the last couple of weeks. With that comes sweat and more sweat.

Trying to pull on my skinny jeans while combating the heat can prove to be extremely irritating and uncomfortable.

Although I have an air conditioned apartment, once I step out the door I feel like my jeans become a torture device which traps heat and sends sweat drops down my legs while increasing my overall body temperature.

Hide Your Love Handles

Fitting In

I just recently turned 30 years old. And with that came a little more junk in the trunk that made me put some of my favorite jeans and clothes back on the rack.

While we all have some insecurities about weight gain, I’ve decided that I’m going to embrace my new body while working on getting it down to the prefered weight.

What surprised me most about my rounder body is the compliments I was getting from people around me. I believe the number one mistake women make when they gain weight, is that they try to squeeze into their old clothes that just doesn’t fit them anymore.

Winter Skin Care

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